types of plywood

Type of Plywood and Their Specifications

1. Commercial plywood:

Commercial plywood is made from the same veneers species glued together and it is the cheapest and lowest price plywood available in the market. There is MR grade plywood also available in the market, MR grade means moisture resistant and it is not waterproof, which comes with IS: 303 label on the sheet. This plywood was used for all home interior and furniture works and given exceptional at wet places like washrooms and kitchen areas. But nowadays interior designers and architects are not using for residential projects, because of its quality density and durability. It's only used for commercial projects like office furniture and malls Indore panelling’s. The maximum lifetime warranty of commercial plywood is between 5 to 6 years.

Alternate plywood:

Alternative plywood is nothing but commercial plywood but it is made from different veneers species glued together and its premium quality plywood in the commercial plywood category. It is also available at a very reasonable price in the market. When compare the quality and durability alternate plywood is higher than the regular commercial plywood. The maximum lifetime warranty of the product is between 5 to 10 years.

Gurjan plywood:

Gurjan plywood is manufacturing from Gurjan trees with excellent strength, durability. It is slightly heavier and stiffer. Gurjan plywood is 100% termite and borer free naturally. Gurjan plywood is the most suggested one in the market because of its quality, durability, and density. Most interior designers and architects also use Gurjan plywood for their precious interior projects. Nowadays for all interior projects using Gurjan plywood only because no one wants to compromise their quality of work even though, it is a little bit costly, compared to other plywood. Most of the people have a doubt, which plywood is good for our interior work and which plywood comes with a lifetime warranty? What is the best plywood? Gurjan plywood is the best answer to all those questions. If we use gurjan plywood the maximum lifetime warranty of the product is between 10 to 15 years.

4. BWP marine plywood:

BWP plywood means "boiler waterproof", it should come with the standard of "is 710" grade mark, which means the veneers are bonded with phenol-formaldehyde BWP grade resin under high temperature and pressure. To protest against borers and termites they use VPI technology, its little costly compare to other grade plywood, BWP plywood mostly uses for manufacturing of marines, ships, and boats, that's why people call it as marine plywood instead of BWP plywood. Again there is a doubt which plywood is better for the kitchen and bathroom and in some of the wet places? BWP plywood is the best answer to all those questions. The maximum lifetime warranty for BWP marine plywood is between 15 to 20 years.

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