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Are you getting confused about which type of plywood suitable for your home?

Nowadays everyone is looking for the best interiors for their homes in that most of the people trying to do home interior design on their own, for best interior material all are having some doubts in their minds like which type of plywood is to use? Where should I buy this plywood and what is the best price for that plywood, for all these questions here we are sharing the best answer, if you search in online you will see different prices for different material and different types of plywood available in the market based on their quality, density, and durability. Those are commercial plywood, alternate plywood, MR grade plywood, gurjan plywood, and BWP marine plywood, all these variations available in other brands also like kit ply plywood, Austin plywood, greenly plywood, century plywood, etc... Most of the people are well-known these brands because of their ads and visibility while checking in online. Instead of the above-mentioned brands, there are many other brands available in the market which we don't even know their names. Okay, we will discuss the differences between branded plywood and non-branded plywood in another article.

Now we are going to check what plywood is, making the procedure of plywood and types of plywood.

Plywood is nothing but the bunch of wood veneer layers stick together with the adhesive. The manufacturing of plywood consists of mainly 9 processes, storage of log, log barking, heating the logs, peeling the logs into veneer, drain the veneer, gluing the veneers together, hot press, plywood cutting and finally sanding. For plywood, most of the manufacturing companies use ash, maple, mahogany, oak, teak, pine, and cedar, spruce, and redwood trees.

According to market research, below are the available sizes in different thickness levels. 8*4, 7*4, 6*4 sizes 19mm, 18mm, 16mm, 12mm, 9mm, and 6mm thicknesses. Below are the types of plywood available in the market.

1. Commercial plywood
2. Alternate plywood
3. Gurjan plywood
4. BWP marine plywood

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